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He Was The First to Die and His Name is Crispus Attucks!

The Friends of Crispus Attucks Association's aim is to raise awareness for “The 21st Century Commemoration and History of Crispus Attucks Day”! It was then that Haroon A. Rashid, James Harris, Robert Redd, Cynthia Strong, Rickie Thompson, Nathaniel Smith, Kelly Smith, Azell Martin Abdou Thiaw, Paul Goodnight, and Joe Pendarvis organized and then registered the FOCAA as a Not-for-Profit social-political corporation in The City of Boston that represents the legacy of America's first Revolutionary War Patriot, Crispus Attucks.

We're aware that there are and have been many American scholars and historians that will tell you what they believed happened on March 5th in 1770 that made Attucks into a Boston Martyr. However, few have publicly declared the importance of Americans’ knowledge about the great significance of this historical event. The Friends of Crispus Attucks Association believes that Attucks's sacrifice should be viewed in the same context as others who made great sacrifices in the pursuit of liberty.  That is Why, The Friends of Crispus Attucks Association NFP, mission in the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts is to answer that question and to preserve and promote the legacy of Attucks, as it relates in the 21st century to multicultural global diversity in leadership and inclusion for Human Rights. In doing this, the Friends of Crispus Attucks has created a form of outreach to the public and private leaderships locally, nationally, and internationally to partner for this new dignified narrative of the Boston Martyr.

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On March 4, 2022, the City of Boston will reach its 200 Bicentennial Birthday. We hope that through our efforts many Bostonians will be made more aware of that historic date as the FOCAA pursue our primary objective that is to honor Crispus Attucks and show   his relevance in today’s world. Attucks gave his life on March 5, 1770, many years earlier. These are two historic dates that should give balanced minded citizens a greater appreciation of the many freedoms that we enjoy today.  

The FOCAA (in collaboration with the Boston Youth Leadership Association) believes that one of the noblest ways that the City of Boston and all citizens can show appreciation for Attucks’s sacrifice is to embrace ongoing public-private collaborations about a new and inclusive 21st-century spirit of multicultural global diversity in public leadership.

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“If not now, then when?
When the forest is nearly gone
When the hole is in the ozone
When the bees are gone”

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

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